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Help us create and support a vibrant community of social impactors.

YANA is entirely volunteer-led, and relies on the generosity of our members and those who believe in social good to support our inspiring programs for hundreds of individuals and organizations in the social impact space.

There are many ways to support YANA. In addition to donating financially and registering for our email list, you can start a YANA chapter, or get involved with chapter leadership or national YANA governance through working on a committee in areas such as budget, marketing, fundraising, governance, membership, and mentoring.

Membership Benefits

In addition to the incredible support your donation provides, as a paid YANA Member, you:

  • Gain access to an exclusive, Members-only annual event in New York;
  • Receive discounted admission to YANA events;
  • Are invited to attend the annual Board of Directors meeting in October;
  • Become eligible to serve on the YANA Board (if you also hold a Yale degree) or lead a YANA Chapter;
  • Be listed and publicly thanked in the YANA Annual Report.
*$5/month is the minimum gift level to maintain your annual YANA Membership

Giving to YANA

By building capacity YANA will be able to provide support for regional chapters and industry verticals within the nonprofit sector - and helping both individuals and organizations make meaningful connections for new hires, board placements, career development, funding, and best practices.

Unrestricted Support to YANA's general operations is the most valuable way you can support YANA. We use funds to fulfill our mission -- to create a vibrant, engaged community committed to advancing the greater social good through the following programs and projects:

  • Producing our live monthly YANA Webinars that reach hundreds of individuals and organizations globally
  • Developing and supporting our website, communications, and databases that allow us to leverage technology to better understand, manage, and connect the evolving needs and resources of over 5,000 participants in the YANA network
  • Supporting chapter events, programs and spotlights featuring prominent nonprofit leaders sharing the aspirations and impact of their organizations.

YANA-Dwight Hall Fellowship is one of our signature collaborative programs through which we fund selected Yale students and recent graduates. For more information click HERE.


Corporate and individual sponsorships are available for the YANA-Dwight Hall Fellowship, Webinars, and other programs or events. Contact our Executive Director for more information and to explore how you can make meaningful social impact through YANA.

About YANA

YANA is a 501 (c)(3), founded in 2011 by Ken Inadomi, a graduate of Yale College and 2017 Yale Medal Recipient. We have grown into a network of over 5,000, spanning 8 chapters on 3 continents: from New Haven, CT to New Delhi, India. And we are proud to have been awarded an unprecedented 6 consecutive Excellence Awards from the Yale Board of Governors.

We estimate that at least 2 out of every 3 Yale graduates are involved in social impact — whether they're board members, executive directors, practitioners, or volunteers — representing a population of over 110,000 alumni around the world.

YANA's motto is "working together, giving back, changing lives"; and we envision a global community that engages all alumni and friends of Yale in advancing social change.

YANA also welcomes and relies heavily on support from Friends of Yale. YANA Membership, and all of our events, are open to both alumni and friends.

YANA's programs include the Monthly Spotlight Series; numerous panel discussions and educational forums; the YANA-Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship; and the Yale Community Connect volunteer program. YANA also produces a global newsletter, as well as events throughout the year across all Chapters -- including panels and presentations featuring industry experts covering the latest social impact issues.

We are always open to collaborations with other nonprofits, social impact organizations, and alumni associations.

YANA-Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship

The YANA Summer Fellowship is designed to reduce the barriers for Yale students of limited financial means to pursue careers in the social sector and for common good. Summer internships in this field are often unpaid, limited to only a few locations in the country, or lack the experienced mentorship needed to make a student's passion a viable career track.

YANA has partnered with Dwight Hall to create the YANA-Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship, which helps Yale students who receive financial aid and who have a demonstrated commitment to the social impact sector by providing them with financial assistance during their summer internship, introducing them to the YANA alumni network, and providing mentoring, training and other assistance.

Donations to YANA and in support of this program will allow us to fulfill our goal to support more students going forward.

Please visit our website, for more information.